Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Once upon a time there was a little angel bunny(representing love) and a little devil bunny (representing hate) who had no idea each other even were even alive. So they were both sent to earth to find a true love. They both kept going to earth and leaving earth for months and months. Not finding anyone for the longest time so they were both about to just give up on looking. So on there last days on earth they both saw each other from across the park which they were walking by at the same time. Os by noticing each other they spent a few more days there to find out that they couldn’t find each other anymore. So before leaving one day they both happened to go to the same restaurant to eat dinner. The love bunny already sitting at a table when the hate bunny walked in, called over the hate bunny to see if he wanted to enjoy a nice dinner together. So he did, finding out that they both had nothing in common but loved and hated most of the same things. So talking longer and longer they decided to hang out more and more. As time went on they started to falling love and at some points they hated each other for butting heads. But they realized they all good relationships have there ups and downs in them. So more and more time went on and they realized that they had both fallen for each other, hard. So the love bunny and the hate bunny decided to make it an official relationship. There parents didn’t think it was a good idea but they didn’t care. They just wanted to be happy with each other. So time went on and the parents have done some much for them to try and end there relationship but nothing worked no matter what they did. So for a few more years this went on until the parents decided to just let it be and maybe it will work out in there favor. But it didn’t, so the love and hate bunny decided to tie the knot and get married. So they did and they both lived together forever and ever very happy.

A long, long time ago there was a girl and a boy who were very much in love. They use to spend every moment of everyday together. They both use to have the best of times together no matter what they were doing. Spending every moment of everyday together became to much for the both of them because a few years after getting together they had to finally get jobs. Getting jobs made things rocky between the girl and boy because be so use to seeing each other all day in school then seeing each other everyday after school became routine for the both of them. So after having top get jobs they started spending less and less time together. As for spending les time together they started to drift apart because they weren’t talking and see each other as much as they were before. After not seeing each other for a while they decided to find jobs so they could work at the same place. As time went on they were both still looking for the rite job but couldn’t seem to come across one. More and more time went by and they both started getting mad about not seeing each other or talking to each other, so the both of them decided to take a brake for a little while so they could get things together. After a few weeks of a brake the boy finally decided he wanted to get back together with his girlfriend that he loved a lot. But when he brought the idea up about getting back together the girl said it might be a bad idea because she wasn’t ready yet. So he agreed and went along with his life as happily as he could. So now they weren’t spending any time together, they weren’t even talking to each other as much anymore. As time went on he decided to bring up the idea of getting back together again and so he did and she looked upset and sad, but she had to say no because she was finally getting he life on track and didn’t want any distraction in her life. So all in all he still loved her and not the fact that she hated him but she didn’t want to be with him anymore. So they both started crying and he felt heart broken.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Once upon a time there was this really evil red dragon who use to terrorize everyone in this little town full of nice poeple. He use to live in the mountains that looked over the town. The red dragon who sit in the moutain and wait for the right time of day to go down and breath fire on things and burn peoples houses down. Day after day year after year went by with this dragon killing people and burning the things they loved most. come to find out the only reason this dragon does the things he does is because he has to live up to his parents. his parents use to be the same way he was when they were his age and when they found love they moved on from terrorizing poeple. So now day after day the mean red dragon looks for something he can love and until that day he terrorizes people from the town. As the days go on he looks harder and harder to fianlly realize off in the distance there is this beautiful red rose that just at first sight attracks the dragon to it. So he flies over to the rose to take it out of the ground and bring it home. He gets its home and finds out that this is what he has been looking for all these years. So the mean red dragon falls in love with the beautiful red rose and it turns the dragon into a loving caring animal. So now instead of terriorizing the town he looks over the town for any other beasts that are out to hurt the towns people. And he now lives in his mountain happily with the rose. He loves this rose because they are the same color red and the dragon thinks that the rose makes him better as a dragon.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Paradox Poem

Im up early but im still late.
Im simple but yet im conplicated.
I love to love but i always seem to hate.
I seem sad but inside im always happy.
Im skinny but i eat a bunch.